Agriculture/Rural Communities

Our farmers are responsible for providing the food to feed our families and the fiber for the clothing on our backs. We need to continue to invest in our farmers, promote a sustainable marketplace both domestically and internationally for the exchange of their goods, and continue to advocate for the interests of rural Alabamians. My dedication to fighting for our farmers led to the endorsement of FarmPAC, Alabama’s largest farming group.


I’m a businessman and job creator. I’m committed to promoting growth and development throughout our district and country. I will fight diligently to promote and preserve the economic interests of the 2nd district. I want to continue to cut overbearing regulations to allow our economy to thrive. My commitment to economic development and creating jobs has resulted in endorsements by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Business Council of Alabama.

2nd Amendment

It is a Constitutional right to bear arms. We need to protect our Constitution and its provisions from liberal interference. As an owner of firearms myself, I will do everything within my power to prevent an assault on our Second Amendment rights.


There is no denying that we have a major illegal immigration issue in our country. I will work with President Trump to secure our southern border and further develop an efficient and effective legal immigration system. We cannot idly sit by as criminals, guns, and drugs flow through our porous border. I am 100% committed to building the wall.


As a Godly man of faith, I am a strong advocate for the lives of the unborn. We have an obligation to protect the sanctity of life and the most vulnerable.

Supporting Trump

President Trump is working tirelessly on behalf of all Americans to make the United States the best it can possibly be. He needs allies that are not ashamed to support him in this endeavor. I will be a vocal advocate for our President and advancing the conservative ideals and principles that will propel our great country forward.


In order for the United States to continue to be the greatest country on Earth, we must maintain the world’s best military. We need to provide our servicemen with the best training and resources available in order for them to be successful.

Fighting for Our Veterans

Our veterans are one of our country’s greatest assets and treasures. These brave men and women sacrificed everything to protect our nation. Once exiting active service, we must provide them with excellent opportunities and healthcare. We need to continue to improve our VA system while encouraging employers to hire our country’s heroes.